“The theme is blue” – the photographer plays dress up – part 1

It’s a weekend of birthday parties for me. Friday was a baby’s first and the theme was blue. As soon as someone invites you to a party with a theme, you mentally scan your entire wardrobe in a flash of a second and come to the conclusion that you have no clothes because the dresses in blue are hanging in the “will wear when i lose some weight’ corner. Life officially sucks. I am not a very “let’s dress up / what’s my OOTD??” kind of a person anyway. But wait a second, dig deeper, something definitely comes to the rescue. And it’s nice to make an effort sometimes. Now, blue is pretty darn easy! But when it comes to me – I have an issue with something on any given day. Yesterday, the issue (just as common as the theme) was weight 😀 But we managed. Me and my 59.5 kgs (as checked this morning, it was 60.5 last week, so I am happy anyway. The target is me being pretty fuckin ambitious but whatever – you can do anything and all that jazz.)

Let me share what I wore.

A floral dress made out of my mom’s saari – I love it.


Note to self : When in doubt, go for flowy florals and a stick a leg out, why not 😀


Someone loved it too *winkwink*

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think?? :*

Just me. 

That time of the week when I need to get away. Yeah, it happens once every week, either closer to the weekend or after it. 

What is it that I am looking for? The eternal quest for that something … I can’t put a finger on. 

For now, I don’t want to know what’s happening in the lives of all these people (close, not so close, acquaintances and strangers) so I have extracted myself out of all these spaces like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat & Instagram. Starting today, I am reconnecting with the self, maybe that’s what’s missing. I tried it earlier but failed…no shame. I have neglected myself, no shame. But now, knowing that it’s harming my very essence, if I still neglect the problem – it’s all my fault. 

I am glad I have the gift of expression through the medium of the written word. Exploring .. happily. This feels good. It does feel good! 

I am going to check out a hotel where my parents are planning to get me and my love married to each other. Eeeeeee. Yes, bride to be. I have all things wedding on my head and a few more….

Next post : A few photos from my weekend trip to Kasauli in Himachal Pradesh, India. 



I feel ya, woman!

There is a good hair day and there is a bad hair day… and then, there is a FUCKALL hair day and that’s what I go through daily unless I make an effort to style it. God forbid the auto rides. This happens


Before we leave the home expecting to be showered with some compliments
When we get out of the auto and face the heat in Delhi. Shit happens.

Ok. Exagerration, it’s not that bad also. I just found this comparison hilarious, saw it on the internet somewhere. Not with GIFs though. GIFs add to the hilarity somehow :p


My life is a series of feeling-fat days too. Hence, “I have no clothes!!”

Now, “I have no clothes” does not mean I have no items of clothing in my closet. Duh! It means, “I have no clothes to wear today because my tummy seems to be bloated for some reason I can’t fathom (Oh I have been having pasta since two days), my thighs are acting cute too and my arms are challenging Sunny Deol for arm wrestling. Well, whatever, nevermind.

So, I have parked my ass in front of this machine so that I can google some effective workout challenges to do daily and get back in shape.

Note to self : DO NOT MISS THE GYM 

I think I have to be accountable. I have to report somewhere daily. I cannot do that to my weighing scale, I look at it, give it a dirty smile and just walk towards the kitchen. Not-cool-girl.

So, let’s step on that most ignored in the world machine called the weighing scale, today. Snap the current weight and keep doing that at regular intervals to note the progress.

On a serious note, I want to get in shape – not for anybody else but me. I feel happier when I can carry off any outfit with aplomb and not when I try to hide the flab. I am in awe of women who do that with confidence, but I – for the life of me – haven’t been able to do that, so why not lose it? If it makes you feel good, you look good. You radiate how you are feeling. As for me, I feel better when I feel fit. Don’t judge me to be “all about the looks”, no – evil is still evil. But – fitness of the mind, body and soul is of the utmost importance and you just cannot slack on that.

In the end, I just want to confess that I am a nicer person to be around when I am looking nice. Whatever that means now.

7th june 2017 (5)
Snapped yesterday by my darling friend Sonal @ Khan Market, New Delhi – we had a fun pasta date and a lot of girl-talkin 😉 I have posted this image to compare it with the ones I will post subsequently. I am excited.


Sloshed, in love.

shot by him
Do you make a wish when you see 11:11?
I do.
Do you randomly send a “thank you” into the void?
I do.
Do you sometimes feel afraid of your happiness?
I…do, too.
Do you sing when you are alone?
Of course I do.
Did you let go of people who couldn’t stay..?
I did.
Do you wish them well..? Please do.
Do you miss them..?
No one is replaceable.
Do you feel insecure….fear attachments?
I do..
Naive, yet cynical.
Suspicious, yet gullible.
It does get a bit much at times, being human.
But for now….. all I want to do is TRUST.
Trust the answer to my 11:11 wishes.
Trust that the void has been filled with stars and flowers.
Trust I have no reason to feel afraid.
that my tuneless songs are loved..
trust the ones, who left, still love me,
trust the ones who stayed – will forever do.
Sloshed, in love.


The money situation is funny. I have a shit load of pending edits. I have a few assignments, use one hand’s fingers to count. I am not taking phone calls by prospective clients. Or the “when are you paying the bill?“, calls by the phone company. I feel I have gained a kilo but I am not checking. Actually, I am sure about that! And a close friend recently turned into a hater. I am proudly walking around with a funny haircut. I am not buying any new clothes this winter. I have made a few mistakes this year. I have learnt some lessons the hard way. I have met some selfish fucks.


I am not affected. And I am good with that.


I am living with faith in my heart. I am smiling and that is all that counts. I feel I am in love, with myself and people around. With the ones who admire me, with the ones who dislike me to the core, with the ones who curse me, with the ones who made me smile and now hope I cry….. and with the ones who made me cry and now pray for my smile…