Mission : Miss Elle

7th August, 2015 – Before leaving for a reunion with my school friends


Okay! So this picture was clicked ten months ago and I have not worn this dress after that. Why? It’s a nice dress, I got it from Elle (at some discount) because I fell in love with the color and the adorable hemline. Well, I did not wear it because I ate too many pizzas, and too much of pasta…add to that chocolates and fries. Basically, I lost the plot :p And of course I skipped the gym assuming kuch nahin hoga. Well, turns out kaafi kuch ho gaya.

So, it’s 1st of June 2017 now and I am on a mission. In exactly two months from today – I will wear this dress. No matter what. Ok, to be honest – there is not a lot that I have to do to wear it..but a lot that I have to feel to wear it again. I need to be confident about it. That’s more important. I am not very worried about the weight, but my attitude towards it is what’s bothering me. I need to work out without getting worked up. Things take time, one has to be patient for results. Break up with the fries, well – except that one cheat day.

The competition is not with that hot body on the magazine covers. The competition is with this hot body that belongs to me which can be hotter, any day.

So – Mission ELLE.